On The Branches Of The Evergreens…

I find the world around me an amazing adventure… I can walk in the woods and see the changes that the trees and plants make around me. Sometimes it is almost like a slow movie as the season grows, dies and transitions into the face [Read More]

Keep Close to Nature’s Heart…

Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean. John Muir 1838 -1914 I find that seeking out moments with nature have to be not only on [Read More]

Some Early Spring Flowers, 850 Bulbs Later. Garlic, Shallots, Cherry Bushes.

I invested in some Cherry bushes a few years ago, last years late frost and my lack of attention killed those off. Last year was to be the first year of production. I did harvest 5 berries, but not enough to say how good they [Read More]

In Hobby Farms Spring issue, Chickens, Another Freebie, Being Self Sufficient

You know, I supposed it could be self sufficient advertising because it was a freebie. Although it is a hen, I guess it could be a small roo, couldn’t it? As for the big winter storm that has hit many of you, I hope you [Read More]

Where Do I Live? An Odd Town With 218 Other People, Funny Read

That’s right!!! where the woods are full of Kung-Foo fighting bears!! A place where mullets are out dated (sort of) A place where the animals love everyone (thou you might be on the menu) A place where if you wanna stop and dance, nobody’s looking [Read More]

So What Is My Self Sufficient Fund?

Well years ago when I started my to live self sufficient (SS) I decided to start out with a fund of 1500.00 and see where that could get me and I would figure the rest out. Buying the 1954 harvester super C and 48 inch [Read More]

An Awesome Useful Book To Have.

I have in many post suggested buying Country Wisdom & Know-How as a tool to use to help you along in your journey of living as self sufficient as you choose to do. Here is a picture of mine, note how well used this book [Read More]

Deer, snow in the back yard!!

We were lined up to get 6 more inches last night, that didn’t happen!!! However we did get 4 inches…. I plowed about 10 last night and headed back up this morning on the plow. Only a half inch fell today, and they are expecting [Read More]

How Much Snow?

Coming out of the garage getting ready to plow snowLook at the pile of snow on the trash can!!! Snow on my truck Driveway coming down the shop, took me 45 minutes just to plow and get to the top. Here is a pic of [Read More]

Winter Time Pics At Night

Having a whole house generator installed allowed me to have power when it went out. I had it ready to use from the last snow storm, so being self sufficient allowed me to plan better for the future.