Copper crosses for sale!

My company, The Metal Peddler, will be making copper crosses to donate for sale to the mission trip fundraiser.  They are 9 inches tall, and there are 2 options – with or without our “Boldly Compassionate” fundraiser heart cut-out. They are available to purchase, and [Read More]

The Best Ricotta Cheese With A Great Tip..

The First Fire of The Season….

Getting ready for the storm was like getting ready for any winter storm… Tonight as I write, the first fire of the season warms this space, and the rewards of my effort of gathering, splitting and stacking wood to build this fire, gives me great [Read More]

The Casting Call, Will It Lead To A Show For Me?

I had a great conversation that lasted 45 minutes with a Senior Casting Director today. I am not going speak a whole lot as I not sure where this sets. It might not go anywhere and I am just thinking how neat it would be [Read More]

The Blah, Blah, Blah’s and the Rewards

Some days seem to be harder than most days here on the homestead with life, work, family and putting up your own food. Some days, there isn’t enough hours in a day to get completed what you tend to get done knowing you have many [Read More]

Pictures Of My Pantry And Root Cellar With Food Stores Left..

Sorry about the sizing of these photos, so its not going to be pretty, just keeping it real. So just short of April, harvesting season still 4-5 months away in the new garden, if I were living as a true pioneer, my veggie supply would [Read More]