The Cash Storm, Homesteaders Freedom…

With the warm coals from the hard wood fire, I sit in my warm house wearing my smiley faced pj bottoms and my traditional plain white T on. As the storm Sandy finally moves away, what is left in her path is beyond words, however [Read More]

The Great Disconnect…. The Propaganda Lie

I understand that posting and promoting ideas lead people to follow me in many ways. It is also a powerful tool and comes with rules on how to direct people and share with them, in my case it is about living a more self sufficient [Read More]

Self Sufficient Protection….. Shots Fired…. You Decide!

Before I explain to you what happened, I want to touch on a few things and I do not advise you to do what I am about to share as there could be jail time and arrest made. In this case, nobody was hurt and [Read More]

So The Question Was Asked, Am I A Prepper?

K&D asked me this morning if I am a prepper? Perhaps.. My lifestyle is based on a system of beliefs that living off the land and taking care of me, my family and helping others to become more independent for themselves. However, not having a [Read More]