My Popular Sausage Zucchini Muffin Recipe

I have been asked for some of my Zucchini recipes and what to do with this popular summer Squash. If your at work and people want to give it away, you will find most people will take a few at first, then nobody wants any [Read More]

Fall Colors and Seasons of Change Means Shifting Gears

I like Autumn, it does close Summer and puts a lid on the harvest season and opens a whole different mind set on the Homestead. I will be pulling down the solar water heater as the snow and temps no longer support it. The fall [Read More]

Sugar Season Is Coming, Get Your Pork Bellies Ready

Last summer Joshua and I headed into the woods to mark our own Maple trees. Armed with a Canadian flag and pictures of types of Maple trees, we started scouting in the middle of the front yard. Joshua spotted our first tree. Using blue plastic [Read More]

Homemade Sausage!!!

I spent the day making some different sausage, ground right here on the homestead. The pork was 1.79 a pound which was raised by a local farmer and his clan. I had visited his farm last year, so placed and order for pork last spring. [Read More]