So Your New To This and Your Looking Where To Begin?

Like Peddlers peddling all sorts of Elixirs for everything that is wrong with you, so are people blogging and giving the information they know or think to believe to be true. Recently a community member said you didn’t need to buy books, everything was on [Read More]

The Old Canning Jar Project, Be A Interesting Host

I want to get right into it, and I am willing to share the links after we stroll through the project so you can get those products if you want or bookmark this page to follow up on a later date….. So I only had [Read More]

Re-Claiming and Makng Useful Stuff (Pictures)

There is a lot to be said about keeping things you “might” use in the near future, then comes along the rules of how long to keep it. I know on at least a half dozen times, I have stuck to the rules. But wouldn’t [Read More]

From Downspout To Sap Out, Interesting Useful Idea

While winterizing this year, confident in my acquired skills of maple syrup making, spotting and marking of maple trees on my own property (more than four I have tapped in the past). Thinking of my resources on hand to start building my sugaring supplies, not [Read More]

Stakes And Gates, Making Money From Being Self Sufficient, Easy Peasy..

I am going to open this by telling you about my SS (self sufficiency) fund. My budget started out at $3000.00 and I could only barter, trade, or sell to add cash to the fund. When I would do shows I would sell my homemade [Read More]

Kindle Readers, No More D.T.B., Living Off The Grid, Most Popular Topics

So my blog has been available quite sometime now for people to down load and read on their Kindles. I have noticed that the readers for my blog that read it on their kindles pay a small fee of $2 a month to have it [Read More]

Bartering Goods, Equipment and Food, Pay Taxes On That Too??

Considering bartering as a method to give what you can, and get what you need? The following link is for your interest in reading what Uncle Sam says you must do. I am not going to even mention your state laws, though I will mention [Read More]

Reclamation & Salvage Yards, We Need More Here In The USA, Find Treasure!!

Whether you’re after lighting, tiles, bricks, ironwork or other elements of a home and garden, salvage/reclamation yards is the perfect places to track down what you need – plus plenty you’ve never even dreamed of. Adding to your own style by adding decor that speaks [Read More]

Seed Catalogs, 2 a day arriving, uses……. Junk mail??

I have excluded myself from as many junk mail list as I could. Its not just green but self sufficient as well. So with the other stuff I get in the mail I place them on a pile that I will use later on in [Read More]

Cold Frame Veggies Are Coming Up!!!

j So as you can see just in 9 days with night temps in the mid 20’s to mid 30’s and day time temps in the mid 40 to lower 50’s we have food growing!!! My total cost for this project was about 32 dollars, [Read More]