Being Foolish and Getting Trapped Alone….

As the season progresses, the task of firewood splitting is in full swing. Having gathered some firewood by cleaning up trees in people’s yard, I never get to worried about having enough wood until July. My wood stove takes up to 24 inch logs, and [Read More]

Law Breaking, or Self Sufficient Survival?

In small towns across the world, trains are blowing their whistles as they cross intersections and moving goods all around. In many places around the United States, trains are taking millions of tons of coal and timber from point A to point B. A few [Read More]

A Few Rules Of Homesteading, Just In Time…

In my youth, still young to many at 44, I found that I had a drive that was matched by few. Only true people that had the same passion as I did could even keep up with my task. I pride myself on doing more [Read More]

Seasoning Your Cast Iron, The How To Facts

Like anything else, there is different ways to accomplish the same goal. Although what I am about to explain to you is the correct way, it might not be the same way you know. Also we are not going to tear this whole process apart, [Read More]

Keep Close to Nature’s Heart…

Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean. John Muir 1838 -1914 I find that seeking out moments with nature have to be not only on [Read More]

Hardtack, The Recipe and Practical Uses

As I walk you through making Hardtack, I wanted to show some pictures of the process but I want to tell you a little bit more about this staple. Hardtack has been made and used for centuries by many types of people including Sailors, Pioneers [Read More]

Beam Making, The Bridge Project

When I started to plan the second bridge project, I took everything I learned from the first build, and applied it to this project planning. The first bridge, still standing and handling people and equipment traffic, had its flaws and bad approaches. Nothing in Homesteading [Read More]

The Cash Storm, Homesteaders Freedom…

With the warm coals from the hard wood fire, I sit in my warm house wearing my smiley faced pj bottoms and my traditional plain white T on. As the storm Sandy finally moves away, what is left in her path is beyond words, however [Read More]

Holding a Value System For Everything Homesteading

As a Homesteader, I find that there are many different challenges to life that are expected and there are the ones that people just don’t think it is going to happen to them. When they do, they almost always catch us off guard. Sometimes when [Read More]

Raw Milk Turns Into Many Homestead Products

As I sit here this evening, while the cool fall air swirls around the trees to pull off the dead leaves and floats them to the ground, today was a good productive day. You might remember the other night I went to a secret location [Read More]