Handcrafted Treasures, Why It Makes Me Smile…

Sat on the side of the road of our old neighborhood was a sign that said free… In the trash can perched a yard sale sign, and by the looks of the curbside trash they had a sale that day and/or the day before… Given [Read More]

On The Branches Of The Evergreens…

I find the world around me an amazing adventure… I can walk in the woods and see the changes that the trees and plants make around me. Sometimes it is almost like a slow movie as the season grows, dies and transitions into the face [Read More]

A ” No Thanks ” Thanksgiving and Honoring Traditions

The smell of food always filled the early morning hours of two traditional events in the house, no matter where that house was located. It became a staple of my life as a child,  it was a time of celebration and togetherness. They were the [Read More]

Sentimental Self Sufficient Thoughts

As the cool crisp air of Fall returns, the gathering of nuts and hunting of mushrooms continues, my days in the garden and attention to canning shifts to a more Mountain Man attitude as hunting season approaches. But during this shift, a moment is taken [Read More]

Stop By At Facebook When You Want.

Never miss one of our facebook posts again! Be in control of what you see and when you see it, all from your own facebook page. Follow these 3 easy steps (screenshots below) to add the facebook page to your Interest groups so you can [Read More]

New Face For The Coldframe

I added a summertime lid to my coldframe. You can still see the Swiss Chard we have been Eating on since March of this year!!

A Very Heart Felt Moment I Want To Share With You

If you have been around a while than you have gotten to know me at some point. You may have been with me on my ups and my downs. You might have gotten to know that I am a genuine kidda guy that is doing [Read More]

Rats, Now That Wasn’t A Self Sufficient Idea, But Why?

There are times when I get an idea in my head and for what ever reason, I know I should but I don’t want to stop. So I came out of pockets on this project, the scrap money paid for this one, and I have [Read More]

Earth Day, 2011, Love Your Mother!

I have decided to devote my time in loving my mother earth tomorrow by cleaning up a swirling dump site. The area is located near a water way that is used for fishing and drinking water. Check out my FB page for a contest and [Read More]

On Your Mark, Get Ready, And Wait…..

I have been doing a little extra workouts to get in shape to get ready and shed off my winter layers working on the homestead. I plan on getting much more done this year than last, which was a bad year for me. The sudden [Read More]