Winter Grains For Green Cropping in The Spring

As the weather gets cooler, the leaves start to die, the trees begin to fall asleep for the coming winter months. Daytime temps are a hit and miss as the weatherman tries to get us ready for the day ahead. The morning sun beams through [Read More]

The Meal, Pioneering With Children….

As a child, we as a family would go camping and fishing along the river banks of many rivers in two states. As we traveled or stayed at camp, we had sandwiches during the day but we always had breakfast and dinner on a open [Read More]

Stocking Up The Pantry 2012…

As the garden keeps giving, I keep on putting food up. Because I use several methods of storing food, I use the methods that best suit our needs and I know the food will get used. While the pantry fills, taters sit at the bottom [Read More]

Report: Mushroom Log Project

With the drought in full swing, I have had other worries on my mind other than my mushroom log tower. In the spring as it came in, if that’s what you want to call it, I checked my logs after every rain. Time and time [Read More]

How To Grow Onions

Onions are one of the most popular vegetables for growing in home gardens and are one of the first crops of spring. They can be stored over winter thus making a versatile crop They are used in a huge range of culinary dishes,both raw and [Read More]

Keeping On Getting Back To Normal, Love Fresh Food

Hello SS folks, long time no post… However as I mentioned after my return from the coast, I am presenting you with the photos of the homestead and where I am at with things. So we are doing great, and the weather has been bad. [Read More]

Everyone, Everything Has A Beginning, My Start On Video, Encouragement

Stashed somewhere in pixel form are some photos of when I bought the place and what it looked like. But those are where ever they are, and if I had time, I’d post them. I want start out by saying, if your taking the plunge [Read More]

Self Sufficient In The Strangest Of Times, Growing Your Future Non-GMO Garden

I am not one that believes in the conspiracy theory, but as general rule I tend to think that a natural disaster is more likely to kill off a large number of the human race. Whether this be a biological or a weather, a time [Read More]

Discussion 1 Billion Without Food 2011, Now With A Population of 7 Billion Coming, What Can You Do?

As we consider our diets, and the food we eat, lets consider production of the food. If your reading this than you already know that the Earth is at a point where the global population is 7 billion mouths to feed. Companies are already making [Read More]

Seed Catalogs, 2 a day arriving, uses……. Junk mail??

I have excluded myself from as many junk mail list as I could. Its not just green but self sufficient as well. So with the other stuff I get in the mail I place them on a pile that I will use later on in [Read More]