A ” No Thanks ” Thanksgiving and Honoring Traditions

The smell of food always filled the early morning hours of two traditional events in the house, no matter where that house was located. It became a staple of my life as a child,  it was a time of celebration and togetherness. They were the [Read More]

Keep Close to Nature’s Heart…

Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean. John Muir 1838 -1914 I find that seeking out moments with nature have to be not only on [Read More]

The Wild Boar Hunt….. Taking Some To Share

There have been a handful of people in my life that, with time and life, have slipped away from. Chris was one of those people that has and I regret this, but such is life.. Chris and I have done a lot of big things [Read More]

The Meal, Pioneering With Children….

As a child, we as a family would go camping and fishing along the river banks of many rivers in two states. As we traveled or stayed at camp, we had sandwiches during the day but we always had breakfast and dinner on a open [Read More]

The Haters, The Lovers, The Seekers…..

As I sit in comfort of my plush chair, the fire is keeping this space warm and the smell of the fire reminds me of childhood days of living on the farm. I know that wood I split was well worth the effort as I [Read More]

The Grain Mill, A Rare Insider Look, Part 2 of 3, A Social Media House, Bartering Hub

Now we have information at our finger tips, but back when I lived on the farm, this wasn’t so. Relationships were important to keep, and the Mill was the place where folks would get together and pass on news that was going on. The counter [Read More]

Maple Syrup Making: How To Video, Another Self Sufficient Skill Accomplished

This year, with the unseasonal warm temperatures, maple syrup making time is cut short. I am not complaining at all, and grateful to see brown/green ground and feel the warmer air around me. Even some of the 600 plus bulbs I planted last fall are [Read More]

The Bloopers On Making Syrup!!! No Liquid In Your Mouth Warning

Well, there is nothing funnier then getting together with friends and have a couple drinks and do a self sufficient video on making maple syrup. I also am going to release, ” Sugar Shanty Trash Talking” what a whoot!!  I am going to set this [Read More]

Maple Syrup, Sap Gathering, How To, Production Of, To The Table

In a small rural town, where I live, we often depend on each other for many things. There are calls for help, friend needs a helping hand, working together to hunt/fish/gather food, and keeping/storing food for long term uses. Sometimes it might be helping with [Read More]