The Seed Power Plant and The Dehydrating Meltdown

Have you ever looked at a seed of a plant as a power plant? What if it used all of its energy at once? What if your food supply depends on understanding dehydrating a little more? Well it does…. For this example of teaching, I [Read More]

Raw Milk Turns Into Many Homestead Products

As I sit here this evening, while the cool fall air swirls around the trees to pull off the dead leaves and floats them to the ground, today was a good productive day. You might remember the other night I went to a secret location [Read More]

Discussion 1 Billion Without Food 2011, Now With A Population of 7 Billion Coming, What Can You Do?

As we consider our diets, and the food we eat, lets consider production of the food. If your reading this than you already know that the Earth is at a point where the global population is 7 billion mouths to feed. Companies are already making [Read More]

Update Bramble Hedge Rows, Year Two, Fruit Tree And Nut Tree Warning!

Well I wanted to post an update for you folks who are wondering how my hedge rows were doing. Drew/Erin purchased their first blackberry plant and so I wanted to tell them yay and show them what they can expect next year. First off, a [Read More]

Hedge Rows Grapes/Brambles How To Video

Sustainable Future? Are You Ready? One Step Forward!! Plant A Pot Of Veggies!

Some might read my blog and see the hard work it takes to become self sufficient, and I know I have only tipped the top of the iceberg. I know that I can only live a certain level of self sufficiency, but I have never [Read More]

Cold Frame Mistake, Still Almost 80% Free Materials!!

I made a huge mistake when building the cold frame. I took out a sliding glass window, so I framed that in thinking it would be nice to have for a cold frame. I built it on a hard level surface, moved it to the [Read More]

Raised Beds, Bees Wax And Cheap Materials, Be Informed…

When we think about raised beds, we think about how long will they last? Time and time again I see raised beds made from wood that was made to last, pressure treated or creosote treated railroad ties. In no way am I a expert and [Read More]