Beam Making, The Bridge Project

When I started to plan the second bridge project, I took everything I learned from the first build, and applied it to this project planning. The first bridge, still standing and handling people and equipment traffic, had its flaws and bad approaches. Nothing in Homesteading [Read More]

Free Organic Materials, Labor Free…

Keeping up with the Jones, well that has benefits that I like… Most suburbs have little trees, then comes country suburbs where they have trees but have a desire to keep their lawns spotless and perfect. In my neck of the woods, where the Deer [Read More]

Raw Milk Turns Into Many Homestead Products

As I sit here this evening, while the cool fall air swirls around the trees to pull off the dead leaves and floats them to the ground, today was a good productive day. You might remember the other night I went to a secret location [Read More]

Winter Grains For Green Cropping in The Spring

As the weather gets cooler, the leaves start to die, the trees begin to fall asleep for the coming winter months. Daytime temps are a hit and miss as the weatherman tries to get us ready for the day ahead. The morning sun beams through [Read More]

Chicken Popsicle Hydrate Them With Water and Scraps

In the hot, dog days of summer, I am canning outside trying to keep the house cool. Nothing says farm work to me like a glass of cold Iced Tea, touch of lemon and just a tad of sugar to take off the bitter edge. [Read More]

Dehydrating, Dealing W/ Bumper Crops, Secret Tip, The Recipe

This time of year most folks love to share the fruits of their labor with others. So many people bring in food from their gardens and give it to co-workers and such. NOT ME!! If you now suspect that I am just a grumpy old [Read More]

The Grain Mill, A Rare Insider Look, Part 3 of 3, A Social Media House, Bartering Hub

John and I agreed to meet that day so he could give me a tour of the different working stations of the Mill. I was excited to go further into the Mill than just the place where I get my own feed at. The large [Read More]

The Grain Mill, A Rare Insider Look, Part 2 of 3, A Social Media House, Bartering Hub

Now we have information at our finger tips, but back when I lived on the farm, this wasn’t so. Relationships were important to keep, and the Mill was the place where folks would get together and pass on news that was going on. The counter [Read More]