The Eight Year Self Sufficient Meal

This evening, I had another 100% self sufficient meal… It included some Italian sweet sausage, some garlic and asparagus in a light homemade butter, with a shiitake mushroom….. The significance is all these things were planted many years ago. The asparagus was planted 8 years [Read More]

Cold Frame Jump Start, Grow Baby Grow…

Lets talk cold framing for a minute…. If this is new to you, let me explain it and the process in some detail. It is something I want to encourage, and I am going to also suggest/post a book that will help you become more [Read More]

Homemade Cream Of Wheat

When the cold weather sets in, I often find myself taking care of the little things that need wrapped up. In the afternoon the weather turns cold and often I have already taken off my long sleeves… But when I get inside, there are a [Read More]

How To Grow Onions

Onions are one of the most popular vegetables for growing in home gardens and are one of the first crops of spring. They can be stored over winter thus making a versatile crop They are used in a huge range of culinary dishes,both raw and [Read More]

Keeping On Getting Back To Normal, Love Fresh Food

Hello SS folks, long time no post… However as I mentioned after my return from the coast, I am presenting you with the photos of the homestead and where I am at with things. So we are doing great, and the weather has been bad. [Read More]

Seeds Sit and Rot While The Rain Keeps Coming, Bored of Rain

First, I hold all those families in/near or being effected by the flood in my prayers. It is true it has been a while since I have posted, and in truth I have been busy with other things other than my homestead. Although, it is [Read More]

Potato Basket, The Hows And The Dos, Grow-Up Not Down

If you have been a visitor of my youtube videos, than you will know that I did a potato basket video year before last. The original one had over 41k hits, featured on several gardening shows as well. Although my video presents and how to [Read More]

The Anti Bird/Blueberry Project, Save The Cherries… Re-Purpose Bench Photo

I also am working on a anti frost/bird project in the Blueberry patch. The idea is to be able to gather ripe fruit, protect the flowers and fruit from frost and the birds. If I can get this right, I will also build the same [Read More]

Seed Sharing And Trading For Heirloom Seeds, Companion Planting

Do you seed trade? Since I can start my own Non-GMO seeds now, I am interested in growing more and trading. What is interesting enough is that I have wheat seeds to grow my own wheat, which is interesting to have. It has made me [Read More]

Non-GMO Seeds Purchase, Long Term Seed Storage

With most of my post and projects, I want understand and learn. I don’t mind failing, I like to learn from my mistakes. I don’t mean that I want to fail, but when I do I want to try to understand where it all went [Read More]