A Early Homestead Morning , What It’s Like Here…

It is mid November here, and it has been a late cold season arrival. The chores needing to be done before the arrival of the first snow have been completed, and the homestead has been wintered. The season of fall is a favorite season of [Read More]

The Handmade Christmas

As a farm boy, I never knew I was poor, but I knew I had lots of other things other kids didn’t have. I knew I didn’t get the toys they had, the nice shoes, pants, and cool Trapper Keeper for school work. I did [Read More]

The Haters, The Lovers, The Seekers…..

As I sit in comfort of my plush chair, the fire is keeping this space warm and the smell of the fire reminds me of childhood days of living on the farm. I know that wood I split was well worth the effort as I [Read More]

About That City Life? Country Living At Its Finest !

So I have had some conflict recently about my SS way of life. But let me not forget my city life and all that it still is and more. Perhaps I will slip into a place where I beat city dwellers down, but have heart [Read More]

The Pioneering Flower Beds, Hatched Log Style, Re-Purpose Removed Trees

So I was thinking of how to use more trees that I needed to cut down and use. If they were hardwood, I’d saw them up for firewood. Pine has lots of sap, and it builds creosote and can cause a fire in your chimney. [Read More]

The Anti Bird/Blueberry Project, Save The Cherries… Re-Purpose Bench Photo

I also am working on a anti frost/bird project in the Blueberry patch. The idea is to be able to gather ripe fruit, protect the flowers and fruit from frost and the birds. If I can get this right, I will also build the same [Read More]

Some Early Spring Flowers, 850 Bulbs Later. Garlic, Shallots, Cherry Bushes.

I invested in some Cherry bushes a few years ago, last years late frost and my lack of attention killed those off. Last year was to be the first year of production. I did harvest 5 berries, but not enough to say how good they [Read More]