Stocking Up The Pantry 2012…

As the garden keeps giving, I keep on putting food up. Because I use several methods of storing food, I use the methods that best suit our needs and I know the food will get used. While the pantry fills, taters sit at the bottom [Read More]

Canning Those Tomatoes/Sauces and Better Sauce Ideas

While waiting for the bumper crops to start, those tomatoes start to come in. I love to eat the wonderful fruits as they come in the house, having that kind of reward is so wonderful. I have, through the years come up with many uses [Read More]

How To Process More Tomatoes and Make Seedless/Semi-Seedless Jams

I am ready to still continue making my own food if power is lost for long periods of time. I know how and have the proper equipment to manually prepare my own food for long term storage. But for now, I have power and I [Read More]

Wasting Some Green, and Seeing Red, A No Waste Trick

Well the garden is coming in and doing its job, I have processed pickles, chutneys, jams, squash, onions, garlic and the corn is coming in. I have had so many cukes, I put some in the frig and meaning to get back to them for [Read More]

Maple Syrup Making: How To Video, Another Self Sufficient Skill Accomplished

This year, with the unseasonal warm temperatures, maple syrup making time is cut short. I am not complaining at all, and grateful to see brown/green ground and feel the warmer air around me. Even some of the 600 plus bulbs I planted last fall are [Read More]

Canned Deer Meat Video Part 2 Completed

I finished editing the second, last video in my two part series on cooking canned deer meat. the recipe shared, is a recipe that has been in my family for a long time, I don’t know how long. Its good and it will make you [Read More]

Canned Deer Meat Video Completed

I hope you enjoy both parts of this video on deer meat…. Just a self sufficient reward!! I really enjoy canning food, and its rewards. I have a sense of pride when I set a meal out that I have grown, gathered, hunted or harvested. [Read More]

Deer Meat Canning, Another Self Sufficient Way To Put Food Up.

Here is some photos of different ways I like to eat my deer. The pictures is the canned deer meat I put up last January, the big tough doe I harvested during muzzle loader season. I like to let the canned meat to sit at [Read More]

Putting Food Up

Its been a while since a true update on supplies I have been putting up. Corns in, carrots in, peas in, green beans are done, Thanks to ladies stockings, the onions are good to go. I made a fresh sandbox for the carrots to winter [Read More]

Canning Country Style

So lets talk about my jamming/canning adventures for a minute. I once was asked about my 1966 tappon stove and how canning pots won’t fit under it.So as it is, this is pictures of my canning pots/stove out on the back deck. If you recall [Read More]