Bartering…. Getting Clever For Wintertime

Dotted all over the countryside are little known wintertime hot spots that you can barter for wintertime space for your own gain. You can exchange labor for a 4×4 space or you could barter for a larger space. Privately owned greenhouse owners are always eager [Read More]

Re-Claiming and Makng Useful Stuff (Pictures)

There is a lot to be said about keeping things you “might” use in the near future, then comes along the rules of how long to keep it. I know on at least a half dozen times, I have stuck to the rules. But wouldn’t [Read More]

From Downspout To Sap Out, Interesting Useful Idea

While winterizing this year, confident in my acquired skills of maple syrup making, spotting and marking of maple trees on my own property (more than four I have tapped in the past). Thinking of my resources on hand to start building my sugaring supplies, not [Read More]

Seeds Are Selling Out Early This Year, Better Get Yours Today!

Did you ever think that seed sources would be running out of seeds? I have always thought. What if this was the year that the chit hit the fan? So like always, I bought my seeds early this year. However, there are a couple GMO [Read More]

Kindle Readers, A New Gardening Book By Jason Akers

The self sufficient gardener, Jason Akers has completed his ebook, The Process Oriented Gardener. Product DescriptionThe Process Oriented Gardener is all about gardening the efficient, responsible and sustainable way-by looking at gardening as a process. A process is full of inputs and by reducing these [Read More]

Stakes And Gates, Making Money From Being Self Sufficient, Easy Peasy..

I am going to open this by telling you about my SS (self sufficiency) fund. My budget started out at $3000.00 and I could only barter, trade, or sell to add cash to the fund. When I would do shows I would sell my homemade [Read More]

The Grain Mill, A Rare Insider Look, Part 3 of 3, A Social Media House, Bartering Hub

John and I agreed to meet that day so he could give me a tour of the different working stations of the Mill. I was excited to go further into the Mill than just the place where I get my own feed at. The large [Read More]

The Grain Mill, A Rare Insider Look, Part 1 of 3, A Social Media House, Bartering Hub

To cover this topic properly, I decided that one post isn’t going to cover the information needed to understand how a Milling Company works. I am not sure if 3 parts will be enough, but I do know 2 won’t be enough. I am no [Read More]

Maple Syrup Making: How To Video, Another Self Sufficient Skill Accomplished

This year, with the unseasonal warm temperatures, maple syrup making time is cut short. I am not complaining at all, and grateful to see brown/green ground and feel the warmer air around me. Even some of the 600 plus bulbs I planted last fall are [Read More]

The Bloopers On Making Syrup!!! No Liquid In Your Mouth Warning

Well, there is nothing funnier then getting together with friends and have a couple drinks and do a self sufficient video on making maple syrup. I also am going to release, ” Sugar Shanty Trash Talking” what a whoot!!  I am going to set this [Read More]