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Luxurious and silky natural soap which will leave your skin feeling soft & nourished. All of our soap is handmade & hand cut, and you can select any of our 16 unique scents.

The soap contains some of the following: oils of olive, palm, coconut, castor, jojoba, almond, avocado, traces of rose hip. Shea butter, vegetable glycerin. Natural Essential oils. Each bar is approx 4oz, but actual weight may vary a little.

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Handmade Soap
 Handmade Soap
The Woodsman
 Handmade Soap
Vanilla Sandalwood
 Handmade SoapPatchouli & Vanilla
Juniper berry has a fresh, woody-sweet aroma. Kashmir adds a sweet scent, mixed together for something new – a very crisp, clean and pleasant scent.
 Earthy, woodsy, warm and exotic blend. This deep mysterious blend may lean toward a masculine aroma, but is capable of drawing anyone. Has a sweet note with a woody aroma of Cedar wood. Vanilla adds a damper to the woodsy scent and adds an interesting finish. Warm, earthy aroma with the added Vanilla makes this truly a sweet and earthy scent that is pleasant and light.
$7.00  $6.00 $6.00  $6.00



Handmade Soap Handmade Soap Handmade Soap Handmade Soap
Wild Meadow
 Honey & Vanilla
 Butter Soap
A blend of flower oils, this is a calming, feel-good scent. It is very feminine and has a soft but noticeable aroma. Scented with Copaiba and wild flower honey.  A light and pleasant vanilla after tone makes this a  soft, warm, relaxing scent. Enriched with Cocoa butter, shea butter, palm oil – this will nourish and moisturize  with a light cocoa scent.
 A fresh cucumber base. Medium scented for that out of shower freshness and great general skin treatment.
$6.00$6.00$5.00 for 2 oz bar$6.00


Handmade Soap Handmade Soap Handmade Soap Handmade Soap
Blackberry Moonshine Lavender  Light Lavender  Harvest Blend
A sweet, soft Vanilla base line with a touch of berry oils. A very clear and fresh scent. French & Dutch lavender for soothing & relaxation.  A classic.
 As lavender, with a lighter scent.
 Light blend of oils of Cinnamon, Clove and Nutmeg – a warm, comfortable homey scent.


Handmade Soap Handmade Soap Handmade Soap Handmade Soap
 Hippy Chick
 Pink & Sassy  Simply Soap
A berry base with strong Vanilla essential oil makes this soap a premiere sensual aphrodisiac. A centered and calming scent, with youthful tones of fun. Frankincense & Myrrh. Myrrh has a warm, spicy balsamic aroma.  Frankincense has a rich woody, earthy aroma.  Focusing, pleasant & soft. A crisp, flowery blend with a hint of Kashmir & citrus for an elegant but bold finish. No added Essential Oils or colorants
$6.00 $7.00$7.00$6.00

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