The Wild Boar Hunt….. Taking Some To Share

There have been a handful of people in my life that, with time and life, have slipped away from. Chris was one of those people that has and I regret this, but such is life.. Chris and I have done a lot of big things [Read More]

Sugar Season Is Coming, Get Your Pork Bellies Ready

Last summer Joshua and I headed into the woods to mark our own Maple trees. Armed with a Canadian flag and pictures of types of Maple trees, we started scouting in the middle of the front yard. Joshua spotted our first tree. Using blue plastic [Read More]

Keep’em Coming, I’ll Just Find New Ways To Make’em Into Food

Well if the heat wave didn’t destroy your garden, there is a good chance yours’ is producing like mine is. I took a poll to find out what some folks are sick of harvesting, the number answer right now is tomatoes. Everyone has expectations of [Read More]

Smoker Is Built!!

I finished the cold smoker today, and I think its safe to say… LET THE SMOKING BEGIN!!! So what do people smoke that makes a cold smoker so important? The first answer would be jerky…. It is what it is, tough cured meat to naw [Read More]

Maken Bacon

I finished smoking my pork belly, I smoked the whole piece at one time. Like I said, 80% hickory, 20% apple wood, after a brine soak of two days. It was ready for the smokehouse. For stock, I cut the edges, trimmed it down, and [Read More]

Homemade bread and indoor root cellar

Well, other than my crisis in the kitchen over bread making, yesterday and today have been good. You know, if you fail, it means that at least your doing something to progress yourself to do better. Now I finally figured my mistakes out and can [Read More]