Stocking Up The Pantry 2012…

As the garden keeps giving, I keep on putting food up. Because I use several methods of storing food, I use the methods that best suit our needs and I know the food will get used. While the pantry fills, taters sit at the bottom [Read More]

Canning Those Tomatoes/Sauces and Better Sauce Ideas

While waiting for the bumper crops to start, those tomatoes start to come in. I love to eat the wonderful fruits as they come in the house, having that kind of reward is so wonderful. I have, through the years come up with many uses [Read More]

How To Process More Tomatoes and Make Seedless/Semi-Seedless Jams

I am ready to still continue making my own food if power is lost for long periods of time. I know how and have the proper equipment to manually prepare my own food for long term storage. But for now, I have power and I [Read More]

The Blah, Blah, Blah’s and the Rewards

Some days seem to be harder than most days here on the homestead with life, work, family and putting up your own food. Some days, there isn’t enough hours in a day to get completed what you tend to get done knowing you have many [Read More]

Keep’em Coming, I’ll Just Find New Ways To Make’em Into Food

Well if the heat wave didn’t destroy your garden, there is a good chance yours’ is producing like mine is. I took a poll to find out what some folks are sick of harvesting, the number answer right now is tomatoes. Everyone has expectations of [Read More]

Dehydrating, Dealing W/ Bumper Crops, Secret Tip, The Recipe

This time of year most folks love to share the fruits of their labor with others. So many people bring in food from their gardens and give it to co-workers and such. NOT ME!! If you now suspect that I am just a grumpy old [Read More]

Putting Food Up

Its been a while since a true update on supplies I have been putting up. Corns in, carrots in, peas in, green beans are done, Thanks to ladies stockings, the onions are good to go. I made a fresh sandbox for the carrots to winter [Read More]

Canning Country Style

So lets talk about my jamming/canning adventures for a minute. I once was asked about my 1966 tappon stove and how canning pots won’t fit under it.So as it is, this is pictures of my canning pots/stove out on the back deck. If you recall [Read More]

Homemade Maple Syrup

What good fun we had today learning how to make maple syrup, and the history of making it, a free coarse offered by the state for folks that want to make their own. It started with learning the trees and the way the Indians would [Read More]

Homemade bread and indoor root cellar

Well, other than my crisis in the kitchen over bread making, yesterday and today have been good. You know, if you fail, it means that at least your doing something to progress yourself to do better. Now I finally figured my mistakes out and can [Read More]