Boost Your Immune System With A Drink, Recipe

The following video will show you how to mix a organic orange juice based drink to help boost your immune system during the cold/flu months of the year. Used throughout Europe, I obtained this recipe from a naturalist that has been promoting natural cures for [Read More]

Ѽ Modern Pioneer’s Original Apple Chip Recipe Ѽ

 With all the recent request for my Wonderful recipe, I decided to blog it.. Modern Pioneers   Ѽ Ѽ Apple Chips Ѽ Ѽ1/3 cup Cinnamon1 cup cane sugarnice pinch of Allspice (heavier pinch if you want the taste to lean towards Apple Pie)Pineapple juice7 pounds [Read More]

Seeds Are Selling Out Early This Year, Better Get Yours Today!

Did you ever think that seed sources would be running out of seeds? I have always thought. What if this was the year that the chit hit the fan? So like always, I bought my seeds early this year. However, there are a couple GMO [Read More]

Maple Syrup Making: How To Video, Another Self Sufficient Skill Accomplished

This year, with the unseasonal warm temperatures, maple syrup making time is cut short. I am not complaining at all, and grateful to see brown/green ground and feel the warmer air around me. Even some of the 600 plus bulbs I planted last fall are [Read More]

Everyone, Everything Has A Beginning, My Start On Video, Encouragement

Stashed somewhere in pixel form are some photos of when I bought the place and what it looked like. But those are where ever they are, and if I had time, I’d post them. I want start out by saying, if your taking the plunge [Read More]

Canned Deer Meat Video Part 2 Completed

I finished editing the second, last video in my two part series on cooking canned deer meat. the recipe shared, is a recipe that has been in my family for a long time, I don’t know how long. Its good and it will make you [Read More]

Canned Deer Meat Video Completed

I hope you enjoy both parts of this video on deer meat…. Just a self sufficient reward!! I really enjoy canning food, and its rewards. I have a sense of pride when I set a meal out that I have grown, gathered, hunted or harvested. [Read More]

The Bloopers On Making Syrup!!! No Liquid In Your Mouth Warning

Well, there is nothing funnier then getting together with friends and have a couple drinks and do a self sufficient video on making maple syrup. I also am going to release, ” Sugar Shanty Trash Talking” what a whoot!!  I am going to set this [Read More]

Hedge Rows Grapes/Brambles How To Video

So What Is My Self Sufficient Fund?

Well years ago when I started my to live self sufficient (SS) I decided to start out with a fund of 1500.00 and see where that could get me and I would figure the rest out. Buying the 1954 harvester super C and 48 inch [Read More]