Cold Frame Jump Start, Grow Baby Grow…

Lets talk cold framing for a minute…. If this is new to you, let me explain it and the process in some detail. It is something I want to encourage, and I am going to also suggest/post a book that will help you become more [Read More]

Kitchen Favorites: My slow cooker

This is Modern Pioneer’s wife, Danielle. Nice to meet you! For the longest time, I dreaded cooking. As a busy person, planning meals wasn’t on my agenda so that shopping and cooking became a drag. I changed my outlook on it a few years ago [Read More]

Fun Game For Earthday 2010, What Is Your Carbon Footprint?

One on of my fav sites is a new game, even though I am more than 60% self sufficient I found my carbon print to be eye opening. I can tell you that it more than made me think about how I can become more [Read More]