FREEDOM, Another Self-Sufficient Goal Met….

Yes, I did it, another milestone met. Let me explain how I did it, the tools you’re going to need, and the mind-set your going to need to understand in order to get there. So today, I am pleased to tell you that I have [Read More]

Win a copy of one of these must have homesteading “Wisdom & Know How” books!

Country Wisdom and Know How

Extremely popular among homesteaders is the book Country Wisdom & Know-How, but did you know there are other books in the series! Natural Healing, Survival, Craft and Garden are some of the others. We are giving away one of these books this weekend!  To enter, [Read More]

Super sale! Must have book: Country Wisdom and Know How

Country Wisdom and Know How

If you’ve followed this page for a while, you know this is a book we HIGHLY recommend for homesteaders of every level. The e-book version is currently on sale for a great price of $1.99 – LIMITED time so check before you order. The benefit [Read More]

Cold Frame Jump Start, Grow Baby Grow…

Lets talk cold framing for a minute…. If this is new to you, let me explain it and the process in some detail. It is something I want to encourage, and I am going to also suggest/post a book that will help you become more [Read More]

Morel Mushroom Book Review, 5 Stars!

From time to time, I will support a product and suggest it to my blogger friends. There are three reasons why I do this.1. I like to expand my own knowledge and put what I learned into practice or keep it upstairs for future use.2. [Read More]

Arm Yourself With A Good Book, Get The Secrets And The Tips With More Useful Stuff

Thinking about this adventure of mine, and quite frankly it started in me in 1984. It started when the sun lite that part of the world so I could see what was in it. I had been forced to move and live in the city [Read More]

Kindle Readers, A New Gardening Book By Jason Akers

The self sufficient gardener, Jason Akers has completed his ebook, The Process Oriented Gardener. Product DescriptionThe Process Oriented Gardener is all about gardening the efficient, responsible and sustainable way-by looking at gardening as a process. A process is full of inputs and by reducing these [Read More]

Kindle Readers, No More D.T.B., Living Off The Grid, Most Popular Topics

So my blog has been available quite sometime now for people to down load and read on their Kindles. I have noticed that the readers for my blog that read it on their kindles pay a small fee of $2 a month to have it [Read More]

An Awesome Useful Book To Have.

I have in many post suggested buying Country Wisdom & Know-How as a tool to use to help you along in your journey of living as self sufficient as you choose to do. Here is a picture of mine, note how well used this book [Read More]