Potato Basket, The Hows And The Dos, Grow-Up Not Down

If you have been a visitor of my youtube videos, than you will know that I did a potato basket video year before last. The original one had over 41k hits, featured on several gardening shows as well. Although my video presents and how to [Read More]

The Anti Bird/Blueberry Project, Save The Cherries… Re-Purpose Bench Photo

I also am working on a anti frost/bird project in the Blueberry patch. The idea is to be able to gather ripe fruit, protect the flowers and fruit from frost and the birds. If I can get this right, I will also build the same [Read More]

Update Bramble Hedge Rows, Year Two, Fruit Tree And Nut Tree Warning!

Well I wanted to post an update for you folks who are wondering how my hedge rows were doing. Drew/Erin purchased their first blackberry plant and so I wanted to tell them yay and show them what they can expect next year. First off, a [Read More]

Pictures Of My Pantry And Root Cellar With Food Stores Left..

Sorry about the sizing of these photos, so its not going to be pretty, just keeping it real. So just short of April, harvesting season still 4-5 months away in the new garden, if I were living as a true pioneer, my veggie supply would [Read More]

Bean Tree Erected

I guess the turkey came down to visit the chickens, armed with my camera, I started to think, yummy if I had been armed with my gun. (not really it isn’t hunting season now) How about that funky crazy bean tree idea? Once I attached [Read More]

Hedge Rows Grapes/Brambles

So its springtime and I wanted to share a little more about my mini farm in the works. What you are seeing is the birth of my small little farm. I have used semi dwarf and dwarf trees in my orchards, I have two small [Read More]

Bean Tree Idea

So after work today, I started this wacky idea of mine. I lay no claim to be the first person to come up with this idea, and this idea came to me last night while thinking about a small space I have in my garden [Read More]

Basket taters above ground growing

So its tater time, and the seed taters can’t wait. Because basket growing has such a big interest, and it produces great yields, lets start from the basket. Building your basket is simple, a ten foot piece of chicken wire. But you have to also [Read More]

Rain water storage for the garden

When I clean out my rain water storage tank this year, I think I might run a pipe down two the garden instead of a hose. It seems that the pressure is low for some reason. Down at the bottom of the tank I have [Read More]