A Walk Into A Different World, Come With Me…

In the time we have walked together in this life, we have shared a lot together. During this time, you have gotten to peek into my life – learned my failures, laughed and nodded at my mistakes, cried as I told you sad stories about [Read More]

New Face For The Coldframe

I added a summertime lid to my coldframe. You can still see the Swiss Chard we have been Eating on since March of this year!!

How To Grow Onions

Onions are one of the most popular vegetables for growing in home gardens and are one of the first crops of spring. They can be stored over winter thus making a versatile crop They are used in a huge range of culinary dishes,both raw and [Read More]

Seed Sharing And Trading For Heirloom Seeds, Companion Planting

Do you seed trade? Since I can start my own Non-GMO seeds now, I am interested in growing more and trading. What is interesting enough is that I have wheat seeds to grow my own wheat, which is interesting to have. It has made me [Read More]

Non-GMO Seeds Purchase, Long Term Seed Storage

With most of my post and projects, I want understand and learn. I don’t mind failing, I like to learn from my mistakes. I don’t mean that I want to fail, but when I do I want to try to understand where it all went [Read More]

Alternative seed starting ideas, talked thorugh some new ideas with a Pro today. Hydroponics?

I met with the Pat who owns 422 Grow today and we went over some great new ideas for seed starting today. I really held onto everything he was walking me through today, I asked a ton of questions, and found solutions. It was great [Read More]

Free Seeds Leave A Comment

I have 3 packs of Silver Queen corn to give away, leave me a comment and email me your snail mail address and I will send it to you for free!!!! 92 days to grow/harvest