Cold Frame Jump Start, Grow Baby Grow…

Lets talk cold framing for a minute…. If this is new to you, let me explain it and the process in some detail. It is something I want to encourage, and I am going to also suggest/post a book that will help you become more [Read More]

Bartering…. Getting Clever For Wintertime

Dotted all over the countryside are little known wintertime hot spots that you can barter for wintertime space for your own gain. You can exchange labor for a 4×4 space or you could barter for a larger space. Privately owned greenhouse owners are always eager [Read More]

Free Organic Materials, Labor Free…

Keeping up with the Jones, well that has benefits that I like… Most suburbs have little trees, then comes country suburbs where they have trees but have a desire to keep their lawns spotless and perfect. In my neck of the woods, where the Deer [Read More]

Seeds Are Selling Out Early This Year, Better Get Yours Today!

Did you ever think that seed sources would be running out of seeds? I have always thought. What if this was the year that the chit hit the fan? So like always, I bought my seeds early this year. However, there are a couple GMO [Read More]

Seed Sharing And Trading For Heirloom Seeds, Companion Planting

Do you seed trade? Since I can start my own Non-GMO seeds now, I am interested in growing more and trading. What is interesting enough is that I have wheat seeds to grow my own wheat, which is interesting to have. It has made me [Read More]

Non-GMO Seeds Purchase, Long Term Seed Storage

With most of my post and projects, I want understand and learn. I don’t mind failing, I like to learn from my mistakes. I don’t mean that I want to fail, but when I do I want to try to understand where it all went [Read More]

Self Sufficient In The Strangest Of Times, Growing Your Future Non-GMO Garden

I am not one that believes in the conspiracy theory, but as general rule I tend to think that a natural disaster is more likely to kill off a large number of the human race. Whether this be a biological or a weather, a time [Read More]

Alternative seed starting ideas, talked thorugh some new ideas with a Pro today. Hydroponics?

I met with the Pat who owns 422 Grow today and we went over some great new ideas for seed starting today. I really held onto everything he was walking me through today, I asked a ton of questions, and found solutions. It was great [Read More]

Here Is A Rare Garden Soil Secret, 100% Natural For Your Soil, CHEAP!! Green House Up!!

There are few old tricks that can help you help your garden soil pretty cheap and all natural. What I started with 3 years go as garden soil was a top layer of soil, about 3 inches. The rest was clay and lots of stones, [Read More]

Trying To Save My Crops

I did my best to treat my taters from the blight, the fungus spread quicker than any one expected. I have 100 pounds this year from all four baskets. And it is what it is, a sad state for crops. I am just about to [Read More]