6 Week Winter Meal Plan

This meal planner will last you clear through to March, and contains some great warming meals for these cold nights! With several recipes making plenty for leftovers, you could probably stretch this plan all the way to Spring! View it here. Sample meals: Homemade meatloaf [Read More]

Meal Planning – “How” to guide for every family

I know that to many people this is a really simple concept, but for me learning to menu plan was a real Eureka moment. I’d never been taught how to do it, and for years I just fumbled along. Many days, I dreaded cooking, or [Read More]

Kitchen Favorites: My slow cooker

This is Modern Pioneer’s wife, Danielle. Nice to meet you! For the longest time, I dreaded cooking. As a busy person, planning meals wasn’t on my agenda so that shopping and cooking became a drag. I changed my outlook on it a few years ago [Read More]

Meal Planning – 6 weeks at a time!

6 Week Meal Planner My wife, Danielle, has recently created a 6 week meal planner, along with recipes, shopping lists and templates.  This is available as a PDF download that you can print off, and a printed version in a ring binder that you can [Read More]

Raw Milk Turns Into Many Homestead Products

As I sit here this evening, while the cool fall air swirls around the trees to pull off the dead leaves and floats them to the ground, today was a good productive day. You might remember the other night I went to a secret location [Read More]

Stocking Up The Pantry 2012…

As the garden keeps giving, I keep on putting food up. Because I use several methods of storing food, I use the methods that best suit our needs and I know the food will get used. While the pantry fills, taters sit at the bottom [Read More]