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What is the name of my dog?My Dogs Name… Post It Here!!!! GO!! Go tell them!!!!

The Birth Of The Smoothie

There are a few dishes that sit on my table today as did when I was a child. It is sometimes wonderful how we relate food today and the memories from our childhood, sometimes it isn’t. Traci, my sister can correct me on this one, [Read More]

On Your Mark, Get Ready, And Wait…..

I have been doing a little extra workouts to get in shape to get ready and shed off my winter layers working on the homestead. I plan on getting much more done this year than last, which was a bad year for me. The sudden [Read More]

Dumpster Diving Waste Not Want Not

So guess what? Okay, I broke the law today. If you wanna get me in trouble, go ahead and call the Man. So there I was minding my own business, driving the back way out of a shopping center, in the distance what do I [Read More]

Caught In The Hail

Well after being pelted by hail this afternoon, I ran into the woods to find safe cover. Arms covered with red dots, one on my ear, and little sore spots on my head. I shaded my eyes for protection and headed for the largest near [Read More]

Outline of the five year plan

Well, the plan has been going okay. We didn’t count on the well being so bad when we bought the house. Call me a sucker… The first test came back bad, the second was fine. The owner poured bleach down the well, and than had [Read More]

Bears at the pond, Bear Encounter 1979

You know, I considered having some bees here, however, there are black bears all over the place here.  I should tell you about what happened last summer. It’s okay to LOL and even ROTF at me. DW and I were down at the garden harvesting [Read More]