The Path, Gateway To My Soul

It has been some years since I have been able to mend that double broken leg of mine and be able to walk up and down these hills. So, first task was to start to clear the fallen trees and branches to open the woods [Read More]

Butterfly Weed, Milkweed To Save The World

From a Butterfly Weed plant (milkweed) that I gathered from my own plants last year. These are going in the fridge, wrapped in a moist (not damp) papers towels. Then I roll them, put in a plastic bag. They are put in a tupperware container, [Read More]

A Five Year Meal

Using my Excalibur Dehydrator, I have been processing and preserving food for almost 15 years here. Over that time, I have always told myself I am doing something that will save my life and my family. Folks that I shared my ways with didn’t always [Read More]

Ramps I.D. Help

So we can properly identify Ramps, the first photo below should help. Now, some folks have improperly identified Lily Of The Valley as a Ramp. But Lily Of The Valley is poisonous.

The Amish and Covid19

Spread through here in western PA and America are pockets and small communities of Amish and some Quakers. I have encouraged all my English friends to keep clear of hiring Amish workers, but most of these employers are older men who didn’t believe that covid19 [Read More]

Self Reliance, Coronavirus

Many times when I pitched my page, I was looked at differently and even friends distanced themselves because I was living off the land as much I choose to. But now that this is upon us, it is time to move back to my ways [Read More]

Talking about those who are close to us and die

As I sat here looking at Sandra’s obituary this evening, the first time I had seen it. If you’re just joining me, you should know she was not only my X, but a friend of mine before that. They’re so many bad stories or experiences [Read More]

We Are, You and I……

Defined in our story of this life from the days that have since long past . From the small struggles as a child, we cried, laughed, and found the next days adventures exciting. From the yelling, hitting and anger, often there are life long bonds [Read More]

The Revolutionist: You’re Saving Your Family

When we talk about growing our own food, there is something that strikes at our inner soul. When we labor so hard to put the compost in, gather the leaves in the fall, grass clippings in the summer and we create a habitat for worms [Read More]

Looking Down The Mountain, I saw Me…

I stood above the pond today, and moved to my sitting spot under a wild cherry tree there. A tree as old as I am, I have sat there at least 40 hours over these years. Sometimes fighting with God, thinking my issues through, enjoy [Read More]