About Modern Pioneer

Missing the farm I lived on until I was 14, at 36 I decided to cash it in, sell out, and find my own homestead.

It wasn’t enough just to sell everything, so I had come up with a fail safe plan, a five year plan.  While making that plan, I said to myself ” how hard could it be? “, even at that age I was willing to do whatever it took to make it, the sky was the limit!!!

As I settled in, I started my plan just a few months after moving in. First it was the bridge project, then onto the clearing of the land, and last but not least, making a blueprint of what I wanted it to look like. The plan, I would learn over the next few years “the plan” would evolve every month. What I didn’t know is the land itself would tame/shape me.. It would shared with me many emotions and times that you would never think could/would happen.

The land has made me fall on my knees in tears, crying for understanding. I have leaped for joy at the success I have made and have eaten those rewards. I have bled all over the place from one mistake to another. I have crushed my hand and caught it with no one around to help me, working for almost ten minutes to get myself free. I have sat in the peacefulness of its state and listened to the noises of the night. I have watched as it has grown, and I have watched it die. I have sat by the fire as it warmed this space and the light smell of the wood filled the air, grateful for the firewood the land gave to me.

I want you to know that ” I am going to fail “, you can set your watch by that statement. I fail until I figure/learn how to succeed. Failing and writing about it will teach you as well me about doing it right. If your expecting perfection, you’re not going to get it here. If you expect to learn, laugh and live, you’re going to do that.

The rest of my story is written in these pages of pixelated ink. With a limited vocabulary and hacking of the English language, the word “written” is used very loosely.

Failure and progress reports are made here often, often enough that your gonna want to join me here, sign up to get my emails, bookmark us, join my Youtube Channel join us on Facebook and share your stories and life in our chat forum/section.


I am a Modern Pioneer, join me on my journey living a Self Sufficient Life in a Modern World,  Jason






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