The Path, Gateway To My Soul

It has been some years since I have been able to mend that double broken leg of mine and be able to walk up and down these hills.

So, first task was to start to clear the fallen trees and branches to open the woods up some, and to just keep them tidy. I got a little tired, and decided I needed to do something that made me feel accomplished.

I am today on day 38 of this covid19  lock down, and I have been doing things as much as I can to get outside, get some projects done, between the rains. So, I decided I would take on the last leg of completing the path.

This really only meant make a plan, and get it done. I have two fresh water springs here, they have, over time, carved a ravine at each of their respective locations. The first one I ran a 18 pipe, and moved dirt over it to make a 48 inch wide pathway. After I did it, I wished I had built a foot bridge instead. SO such is life…

The second, a much larger and higher volume spring, I decided to build a sturdy foot bridge over. Although it’s only 36 inches deep under the bridge, it now has created a good flow of walkable pathway. This not allows me to walk around the whole are without rough terrain being in the way.

For me, I love to go into the woods… Sometimes I go there to talk to God, to find a sense of stillness. To watch wildlife, to listen to the winds blow, to hear the tree climbs clatter or leaves waving in the wind. I can walk 80 feet above my home and not be seen or heard from for hours. No cell phone…

When I cashed it all in, oh, so many years ago. This was the peace I sought, the healing of my heart from the land. As a young child, I would spend all day in the woods, sometimes catching crawdad’s in the creek. Sometimes, I’d build a little campfire, as the evening came. Although I got in trouble a few times for starting a fire. It was worth the sense of true freedom to me.


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  1. Kelly Hawes says

    I feel the exact same way. ( hence my email address) I always feel at home in the woods, connected to the earth and it’s spirituality. We are blessed to live where we can go out and find that serenity listening to the wind whisper in the trees, the call of the birds.

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