Butterfly Weed, Milkweed To Save The World

From a Butterfly Weed plant (milkweed) that I gathered from my own plants last year. These are going in the fridge, wrapped in a moist (not damp) papers towels. Then I roll them, put in a plastic bag. They are put in a tupperware container, lid on and placed in the back of the fridge for 30 days, untouched.

Since the fall of the populations of Honey Bee’s and Monarch Butterflies, do to pesticides and loss of natural flowers rich with nectar, their fading away. Although these are not either, it does show how important this type of Milkweed is.

This isn’t your average Milkweed, although it is in the same family. Planting these attracts lots of Butterflies and Humming Birds.

Part of my life includes gathering food, hunting food, growing food and giving back as much as possible.

Second reason, since pollination needs to happen in my garden to grow veggies, it draws in bee’s, honey, mason and other bee’s….

I plan to plant them along the driveway at work, and around the home.

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