A Five Year Meal

Using my Excalibur Dehydrator, I have been processing and preserving food for almost 15 years here. Over that time, I have always told myself I am doing something that will save my life and my family. Folks that I shared my ways with didn’t always see the value of my work or learning. Having a following and a community that thinks like me in many ways has always been encouraging. Thank you friends and fans….

Here we go…..

I made the MRE cheese mac and cheese, tossed in some shredded chicken. It filled the hole, but generally it was that great.

So today I opened a 5 year old bag of potatoes that I dehydrated and grew. I skinned them and processed them myself. To be honest, when I shared the original photo’s some people thought I had gotten them from a scalloped potato product sold at the store. But as others started posting their comments and photo’s of their dehydrated potatoes, that crowd moved on.

I re-hydrated the potatoes after removing them from the vac bag. I let them sit for about 45 minutes. Added them to a skillet, fried them and poured meat and gravy over the top. The meat I bought at a box store as well as the butter. It was a good rebound meal.

What do you think?

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