The Amish and Covid19

Spread through here in western PA and America are pockets and small communities of Amish and some Quakers.
I have encouraged all my English friends to keep clear of hiring Amish workers, but most of these employers are older men who didn’t believe that covid19 was even real. I passed by a truck filled with Amish men in a van.
I can’t help but wonder if this will wipe out a lot of them here and across America?
There are so many examples through history where we have brought diseases to places and then those native people have died.
Who will educate the Amish about this? Although you might think they stay to themselves, that isn’t true. They are also aware of inter breeding, so they often travel to other communities as a social event, often on Sundays.
This concerns me greatly…. I do have Amish friends, all men because it is not seen as a proper gesture for me to have a female Amish friend. Although I speak to them.
I honestly want to drive to where they live and tell them, but if I am infected I would only do exactly do what I want to stop.
The Amish know a lot of things we as a modern society have not learned, even some of their food is wonderful. I love Amish donuts!!!
Am I right to be worried?


  1. I live in Ohio, where there is a large Amish community in my town. Yes, we are rural, but not deep country. The Amish here are not afraid of Covid19… the responses I have heard make no sense to me: “we are not worried, we will just eat garlic” “This is not our sickness, we live on farms”
    And yet they are at Dollar General, the grocery in town, Subway, and the general feed store buying goods like nobody’s business. We are all Americans…regardless of cultural differences. We are all affecting each other. Like it or not, we are all in this pot of soup. Together.

  2. Louanne Parker says

    Yes I think you are correct, all we can do is try to educate and pray.. as a people they tend to isolate, that may save them

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