Self Reliance, Coronavirus

Many times when I pitched my page, I was looked at differently and even friends distanced themselves because I was living off the land as much I choose to.

But now that this is upon us, it is time to move back to my ways and for me to take the leadership role I have to help you. I decided that I do have a responsibility to my readers and followers.

Something is true, when my parents were murdered, it turned my world upside down. I lost the desire to help others because I myself was not in a good place mentally.

Now I feel like I can put myself back on center stage because my services are needed and I do want to help folks.

I am not trying to strike fear into any of my readers, and certainly I will get some hate mail over this….

But we are at the first stage of a huge crisis, and to be honest with how I feel and see things, and you don’t have to agree. I see hunger on a global scale, shortages like WW2. I don’t want to guess how many people are going to die, but I suspect over 100k here in America alone.

Too much is crashing all at the same time and on a global scale. As I type the Locust swarm is headed through Asia and eating crops at a alarming rate. Folks are focused on trying to stay alive rather than fighting the other issues….

So, not all is lost… We together have powerful knowledge and ability to help each other. I know my grammar is bad at times, and perhaps my communication with isn’t always complete. But I can teach you a lot, you can teach me.

I dedicate this post to Margret.. Margret transformed her Baltimore Maryland row house porch into a garden. That year, 2008 I think, she grew and canned 6 pints of tomatoes…. Not because she had too, because she made a choice to do something just for herself.

Ramps, Mushrooms and Fiddlehead Ferns coming this week….


  1. Deborah Whiteman says

    What ever you do help folks to think in 3’s; as in 3 seasons to grow and store food. Ensuring they have enough seed for this year and next by planting i/3 first and a second 1/3 if the first was lost but saving the final 3rd to try again next year. Allow some of all annual crops to mature seed for next year and save a portion of those that take 2 years to seed over the winter. Stress having crops that can be stored without freezing or canning.
    Livestock, if you plan to breed your own try to have a spare male to replace your main breeding male as accident or theft can leave your breeding lines lost.

    I think you have your work cut out for you. The task of giving a lifetime of knowledge earned by sweat and determination to folks who have lived the “modern” life. “The egg comes out WHERE???”

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