Talking about those who are close to us and die

As I sat here looking at Sandra’s obituary this evening, the first time I had seen it.
If you’re just joining me, you should know she was not only my X, but a friend of mine before that.
They’re so many bad stories or experiences of/with X’s, I decided to change the face of this.
Our X’s. the story that follows reflects the love we had for another person and it went wrong for whatever reason.
I say this because we stood before a Preacher, holding her hand in mine and said I do. In that long anticipated moment I was about to join forever, together who I thought was my soul mate for this lifetime. Because we had no honeymoon or such, we just shared ourselves for the next few days unconditionally.
I was on a life high for the next few months, I had a wedding ring on and it showed the world that I had found my soul mate and I was in love. That I would be sharing my life with them and I was going to join theirs, while we transitioned into a life of our own.
Later, just within a year and a half she would be cheating on me, break my heart and change the coarse of my life.
So you’re hurt, maybe devastated, I can relate, but it’s not about hate….. It’s more about how we crave to be loved and that need not being filled…
It makes me sad to find out 2 years later that she had passed…. I pray that she is in the arms of our God, a place where no harm can be done to her.

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