We Are, You and I……

Defined in our story of this life from the days that have since long past . From the small struggles as a child, we cried, laughed, and found the next days adventures exciting. From the yelling, hitting and anger, often there are life long bonds made, and some life long bonds broken. We’d grow up loving what we once hated, understanding what we once couldn’t grasp, and passing it into the future unknowingly.

Often looking back at those times that made us smile, those times when we’d feel betrayed by those closest to us, who were supposed to love and protect us. These are the moments that define each of our lives, and sometimes we forget where we came from. We forget that each one of those exact moments, truly made us who we are. For the greater good of all, or for the worst, the realization that we were wrong.

The hate and abuse handed to us, that we do to others also, offers no end to the cycle. Forgiveness offers us a freedom in the future from these awful generational trends.


What do you think?

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