The Revolutionist: You’re Saving Your Family

When we talk about growing our own food, there is something that strikes at our inner soul. When we labor so hard to put the compost in, gather the leaves in the fall, grass clippings in the summer and we create a habitat for worms to thrive in. We get a sense of responsibility that we are taking care of ourselves, family and introducing others to our world by giving them good, homegrown food.

Growing your own food was once a staple and a true way of life. You could grow some crops others couldn’t, and when the Huckster came by, you could barter for things you didn’t have or make. Even products like soap, horse shoes, leather goods, smoked cured meats, you name it a Huckster was up to barter.

As big AG and chemical corps entered the market they destroyed this way of life, and we let them. I like to point out that the baby boom generation was primary in this change, but all generations since then allow them to do it.

Today, growing your own food is a revolutionary idea, those that participate are keeping a tradition alive, yet we are Revolutionist. We see the idea of growing our own healthy food as a choice, to grow food good for our bodies, minds and souls. Big AG corps are tyrants. We are hope for the future. We are Revolutionist!!!


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