Looking Down The Mountain, I saw Me…

I stood above the pond today, and moved to my sitting spot under a wild cherry tree there. A tree as old as I am, I have sat there at least 40 hours over these years. Sometimes fighting with God, thinking my issues through, enjoy the wind, leaves, the time of the season. I made camp there one night with my son, and had a small adventure in 15 degree weather in a summer tent.

I looked at my new wind generator, and I was pleased by the state of the property. It once looked very different, much like a patch of woods with a small field. It was mostly just rough brush… But I saw her through all that, and today, she provides my body with so much.

You might not understand, how your land defines you. It can become a part of you, like a extended part of you. It can be a simple place, where smiles take place, tears roll down your face, blood drips on the ground, sweat rolls and drips. It can be a place where you grow food, process your own goods and meat. It might only be simple piece of dirt to some, a place where you grow a garden, where you process game for meat.

Perhaps seeing the things I have done encourage me to see that part of my dream has been made. It has been very hard work, but the kind of work that rewards you back. I am far from finished, and I still have lots of work to do. I just like what I have done, and seeing it sometimes and where I have taken it is just a piece of me. 

Meanwhile, my other garden at the shop location is looking great.



  1. Joni Hamilton says

    Wonderful thoughts, thank you for sharing. It brings inspiration to others.

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