Win Milk Kefir Grains

Last week, I shared how I am enjoying my new journey with milk kefir. I am getting pretty good at it now and making a kefir that is great to drink as well as healthy. It can be a little tart, and then I enjoy it drizzled into a fruit smoothie! My dog is liking it too, I give her a little of the milk kefir and a few of the extra grains that are growing.

The grains are growing so well that I have more to give away. I’m going to run a little contest, and the winner will receive 1-2 tablespoons of live milk kefir grains. This will be enough to make approx a pint of milk kefir when using organic milk (I use raw milk, but store bought organic works well too.)

How to enter: See the widget below. You can do any or all of the options to enter!
Please note:

(1) due to the time in shipping and the fact that this is a live culture, I am unable to ship these outside of USA.
(2) After shipping, the kefir grains may need a couple of days in fresh milk to acclimate to the temperature of your home. Please follow instructions that I will send with the batch. These were provided to me when I purchased mine and have proven to work for me.

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