Crocheting for winter: hairpin lace

I (Modern Pioneer’s wife) began to crochet last year—I posted about it, then went silent for a while as I got busy. I made a few items; some scarves, a pair of wristlets (like gloves but with no fingers), a prayer shawl. I even started to attend a monthly crochet club, which is fun.

At a recent club meeting, a lady showed us how to use a hairpin lace loom. The pattern it produces is so pretty, and there are many ways you can piece together the sections it makes. I utilized you tube a good amount when I first got started: Bernat has some good tutorials.

I began with a scarf. The loom was set 3.5 inches wide, and each strip had 249 rows. I made 5 strips then braided them together 3 loops at a time. The long edges were finished by looping 3 rows, then the ends fringed with tassels. I love how simple it is to make, but how pretty and not-so-simple the finished product looks!

Hairpin lace crochet

1 strip, front and back

Hairpin lace crochet scarf

Completed scarf

This was a gift for my mother. I loved how it turned out. It’s not perfect, but I love it.

I’ll share some tips in the future. In the meantime, I added another (longer) loom to my kit. I found that once I hit 300 rows that I was struggling, and my currently project (a large afghan) takes 350 rows per strip. The new longer loom allows me to fit the 350 without too much trouble. Pics of that to come!

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    where did you find your longer loom

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