End of Summer Harvesting, The Loaded Plants..

This growing season has been a tough one…. From constant rain to drought…. Growing food has been a challenge this year and the harvest has been spotty.

Years ago, when I began this adventure, I looked at understanding that some food is ready early, some later. After the bumper crop issue faced by some, I decided to plan my planting season in waves. Some as far apart as two weeks.

Thankfully some berries are ready two times a year, depending on the strain of plant it is or origin of that plant. Some Blueberries are early summer, some are even mid summer, and some are late summer. I learned prior to Homesteading that I wanted to plant in waves or have different strains of plants produce different times of year.

Nothing brings me great pleasure like having late season fresh Raspberries when all the jams have been made, quarts have been frozen for muffins, tarts and pies.

So remember, when planning your bramble berry patches, plan on getting two different season producing plants so that you’re not hammered with huge harvest and so that you can enjoy fresh berries throughout the summer.


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