A Walk Into A Different World, Come With Me…

In the time we have walked together in this life, we have shared a lot together. During this time, you have gotten to peek into my life – learned my failures, laughed and nodded at my mistakes, cried as I told you sad stories about the happenings here on the homestead and gone on countless adventures. If you’re daring enough, you might have tried some of the many lessons and other things I try to teach others.  With blood, sweat and tears, this land has become part of me. The other important things in my life are my spiritual love for the earth, people and my relationship with God.

In my life I have witnessed terror, and at times that has been so horrific that it brings tears to my eyes even as I type right now. When my parents were murdered a few years ago, the crime scene was so awful, I thought I could almost feel the horror that took place in those two rooms. Alone, I fell on my knees and prayed for God to bring me comfort…. I didn’t know it, but over the following years, God would drag me through all the emotions/trials of every aspect of being a victim of such a horrendous crime.

As a Soldier, I was in the US Army, I am proud to have served, but that is a conversation I am unable to talk about. The nightmares have now gone, and I have found peace with many issues surrounding that period of my life. It opened a dark side of life to me, one that stole my innocence as a human. Somehow, as a volunteer, I had decided that it was better to train as a killer and kill, rather than to figure out my life and who I was. As the cliche would have it, I was running away from the life I was forced into after I left the farm.  I still remember the night, during the accident, where I looked down and could see my own leg bones…

Today, I am a very different man with a heart of love, and a desire to seek a loving relationship with others, animals, and the earth, and to continue to build my relationship with God. Having as many non-Christian friends as Christian, I never judge others for their belief system. Rather I see what goodness I can find and build a relationship from that. If someone has none of these and is totally rude, angry, disrespectful, I will try to build a relationship with them, just at a further distance.

Doing a lot here in America for others already, I also like to go into the mission field abroad. More specifically Honduras…. People think “Hmmm he is going on vacation,” nothing could be further from the truth. So what is the truth? What am I doing there? Is it just God’s work he is doing by pushing Christianity? Is he really doing good works? What does he want from me? Can I be a part of this somehow?

Working with World Gospel Mission, I go to Honduras each summer for a week. I head north into a remote area a few hours drive from the airport. Through the mountains and countless villages, we travel. I go there to a project that is dedicated to helping street children… Greeted at the airport by native staff as well as host Missionaries, the bus ride is exciting… There they raise about 40 children, school them and feed them three meals a day. They provide school supplies, assistance and aid to children. Over the years, I have come to know many of the same children and have had the pleasure of watching them grow and get an education. Along with my Christian attitude, loving heart, I can see the positive impact my time spent there is having. In many ways, watching them mature and get older is like watching my own two children get older.

Last year, as part of a team, I helped build a school… With more rooms, they will be able to not just help the children that live there on the compound, but also more local children, some of whom walk 5 miles a day, to school and home by foot. Some arrive on horses, some on oxen and a few ride bikes to school.

I can’t do this on my own, it just isn’t possible for me to do so. The money I need to raise will go to help me get there as well as help me with the school project. When we think of blessings, Christian or not, doing good works and acts of kindness towards each other is what we all should be doing. I can’t express this enough, don’t sit back and wait for others to help out…. Often people do just that and nothing happens. If you click the following link and go to my go fund me page, you can donate and help me get there. The blessing for you is your support and you will be able to see your blessings at work, me helping others. Give all you can to support me in this… If your a fellow Christian, give and pray for me, allow me to use your kindness and contributions to keep making a difference… If your not a Christian, support me and give me well wishes, allow me to use the money you contribute to help and show others the love we should have for each other…. Join my personal facebook page, see all the old photos from past trips and see the new ones too….

Whoever you are, whatever walk of life your from, wherever you live, please join my efforts to extend love to others around the world… With that being said, thank you for your support, thank you for the hand up, and whatever you may believe in, I pray nothing but well wishes/blessings for your sufficient support…. With all the Peace/Love I can offer you…. Jason

Jason’s Go Fund Me Honduras Mission

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