Winter Stays in The Negative, Be Positive…

Do you suffer from winter depression? I do….. Be sure to post a few ideas/ways that you battle it!!

Chores on the Homestead are still happening, extra care given to the bedding, food and water has to be checked daily. In the winter, we set aside this time to get those projects done around the house that we do to keep ourselves busy.

Perhaps from the lack vitamin D, some biological make up and the shorter days, I begin to suffer from depression. I do go out and try to get some things done, hunting and trapping, photography, walks in the snow to enjoy the woods, house projects, and I make more effort to join other people in enjoying life.

I was raised to love others by my Mom, when I moved to the city I became a latch key kid and learned not to trust people for my own safety. Life lessons has taught me both things are necessary to live a productive and fruitful life. Being alone isn’t a bad thing, but with depression, it can mean that I would fall into a deeper depression. I can be in a room full of people and feel completely alone or by myself.

Some people buy their way out, or patch it up by spending money. Some of us eat through it and just loaf around. Some of us pretend to the world that everything about us is fine about us, and when we are alone, we just sink into ourselves and thoughts.

I have a few things that might help you break this pattern until you can break through it…

  1.  House plants, because you need the color and friendship
  2.  Bundle up in layers, go out for a winter picnic
  3.  Invite friends over for a cookout
  4.  When the sun is shinning, go outside and take a walk
  5.  Take a vitamin D supplement
  6.  Take up a new hobby or get more involved in ones you are currently doing
  7.  Add color to your living space
  8.  Go and grab a cup of coffee on open mic night at a local spot
  9.  Set up some bird feeders and enjoy the winter birds
  10.  Volunteer at a local food pantry or shelter

So even though you’re having a hard time during the winter, try some different ways to get yourself up and going. Try some new things that you’ve never done before!!!

Realize that this is a nature occurence during this time of year for many people who don’t normally suffer from depression other times of the year. Sometimes, if you can’t pull yourself out of it, a professional intervention maybe necessary. In these cases seek those that can help you more than my homesteader advice.

and remember… Have a PJ day once a month and just hangout with yourself, loved ones or your pets… Be-Positive-Stay-Happy

What do you think?