Meal Planning – “How” to guide for every family

I know that to many people this is a really simple concept, but for me learning to menu plan was a real Eureka moment. I’d never been taught how to do it, and for years I just fumbled along. Many days, I dreaded cooking, or I grabbed something from the freezer. As life got busier, healthy eating became more difficult – despite Jason’s great work in the garden, I was lagging behind with it in the kitchen. Jason would harvest, he would can & preserve, dehydrate and freeze, but I just wasn’t able to plan well and as a busy working mom, I wasn’t able to cook well without a plan.

Over a period of about 2 years, I experimented with different plans I bought online or found in books, but often we would only like a few of the recipes, so I decided to ditch the purchased plans and come up with my own way to do it. This is something anyone can do and works with every type of family – whether you cook for 2 or 7, are vegetarian or carnivore, healthy eater or comfort eater.  It’s a system that puts you and your family in control but helps you save time and money!

Meal Planning TemplatesYou can make your own pages, of course, or I made some you can download here for $1.79 cents. There are 7 pages in total, plus instructions, & you can save it & print them as often as you like.

If you find this useful – or know someone who will – please share! If you have suggestions to improve this, let me know too and I will try to add them in!

Meal Planning Templates

> Download 7 page template here for $1.79 cents



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  1. Too complicated…Just make a three week plan and keep rotating it….I do this and only go to the store every three weeks…

    • discoveryattic says

      Hi Debbie,
      I’d love to do that but it doesn’t work for us. I had a 6 week plan I rotated but learned quickly that my life varies too much from month to month – kids in sports, music, concerts to go to, busy times at the pffice etc. I have to be more flexible, and I like to vary it for seasonal foods too.

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