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One thing I can say about being married to Modern Pioneer is that he is always trying something new, and unlike me, he is not a procrastinator. If he sees a need for something to be done, he does it.
Me… I am very different. I love coming up with new ideas, I love planning what I will do, if we go on vacation I will spend weeks and weeks and weeks doing research about the place and things to do, but I have trouble with the actual doing. And the reason I have trouble starting is because a) I don’t know which idea to start first, and b) I know I will have trouble finishing – and that bugs me. Because 80% through a project, I am ready to hand it to someone else so I can plan for the next one.Ā  Admin is a Spiritual gift, dontcha know, and I have it in spades.

So my latest endeavor is in 2 parts. Of course. I want to learn to crochet and knit. I have visions of making beautiful blankets and clothes. Giving gorgeous gifts knit from handspun alpaca yarn. Sitting by the warm fire in winter with my craft, not feeling guilty about sitting down because I have a good reason to sit that doesn’t involve an electronic device šŸ™‚Ā  (Is that a good reason? I think so!). Being productive in rest.

I was encouraged to start with crochet, as it is just one hook and so less tricky to learn. Hmmm. After a week of chaining, I have learned this. Crochet is not as easy to start as it looks. My knuckles hurt from tense hands & even my shoulder aches. Apparently I suffer what many starters do, with crocheting too tight. I began with a nice soft yarn but it was too fluffy and kept catching on the hook, so I switched to cotton. Easier in one way, but with no give, every mistake is pretty obvious.

20141114_224820Here’s my 4th or 5th attempt at adding a few rows of stitches. I think every mistake possible is there: too tight, missed stitches, double stitches, uneven stitches and goodness knows what else. I am taking it to a crochet group tomorrow so I can get pointers on how to avoid these mistakes.

Sometimes by now, I would think to myself, life is too short, I am not gifted at this so it’s best if I move on to what I am good it.

There is nothing wrong with focusing on what I am good at, but I will take a lesson from my dearly beloved and stick at it a while. If he’d given up the first time he tried a potato crop some years ago, then this year I wouldn’t be spoiled with all those delicious varieties that we have harvested for winter!

So what if I am not a natural, and it will take longer to learn, and I won’t be making the most beautiful things on Pinterest. Providing I get through this whole cramped hand thing, I will still get to enjoy some cozy evenings sitting with a yarn and hook, and doing something useful in my time of rest!

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  1. You are me! I am a procrastinator as well. I love learning new things but try it,even enjoy doing it, but move on. I have started teaching myself to crochet at least 4 times and I have many of the same issues. My first completed attempt at a square was the shape of Iowa.
    Please stay with it and keep us posted on your success.

  2. My grandmother started teaching me to crochet when I was very young..but it wasn’t until I was older w/ children did I revisit this wonderous fiber craft. This lady has some EXCELLENT FREE videos for the newbie on up– yes, do not give up–just find the right teacher; timing & perseverance! Can’t wait to hear & see more from you O:) Blessings!

    Clare is on facebook at – Bobwilson123 – Youtube Crochet Channel – and you tube links from there.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I thought I was the only one who started projects and then quit three quarters of the way through to move on to something else. I, too, have an administrative gifting and you have helped me to understand why I have difficulty finishing projects. Gotta love us admin types!

  4. We might also be visionaries, Lisa, and there is nothing wrong with delegation šŸ˜€


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