On The Branches Of The Evergreens…

I find the world around me an amazing adventure… I can walk in the woods and see the changes that the trees and plants make around me. Sometimes it is almost like a slow movie as the season grows, dies and transitions into the face of nature.

Winter seems to be a very hard season for some people to see the beauty nature has to offer… Cold noses, toes and windchill seems to keep folks out of the woods and her face remains unseen… Some of you folks love winter as a season to get out there and enjoy the many ways to travel using snowboards, skis and even a good set of boots…

The cold weather seems to expose the bones of the woods, stripping clean the leaves, killing the vegetation and setting down a brown blanket that covers the floor of the forest. Decorated with grey limbs of dead branches, fallen nuts/seeds, the forest floor seems to fall asleep with such sorrow.

Often, as I walk in the woods, I see the fat animals that have been busy getting ready for the cold winter snow-white blanket to drop. I see squirrels dance a bouncing dance and try to hide from my view, some begin to chatter a warning as if I have come to invade their land as the Skeksis invaded the Podlings homes in the movie The Dark Crystal. Because I am a hunter doesn’t mean I don’t walk in the woods to see all the beautiful creatures we share our world with.

One of the most beautiful things I love to see and study are all sorts and species of Pine trees and Evergreens… The inked green in the white snow intrigues me as the snow sits on the branches and needles… Often the wind blows and the powder snow falls lightly.  I find that the shape of how the branches look changes with the different types of snow falls as well as time of day…

I captured this photo as the wind blew down from the ridge in the background, and the pine trees sat untouched. The afternoon sun provided the back light for this very nostalgic scene.


Here the snow sits on a different scene over a creek. Is was very quiet and calm day and I was alone to capture the moment. The rocks, water and trees provided me with a deep feeling of stillness and time to reflect on my personal life.



I often go into the woods to see her face and I seek clarity on things that go around in my mind. Often, it rejuvenates me for sometimes as long as a week. I will go with others if they want to go, but I like to go alone to go find answers to problems and questions I need to think about. Sometimes I just go to recharge my batteries to carry on for a few more days when I am having a hard time.

We all think about things that are not possible, and sometimes my mind gets to clouded and I get so filled with hurt/anger/sorrow/frustration I think about walking into the woods and never coming back out. I fantasize that I can just walk where I want and make clam to that land and make it all my own. I could just build on it and escape from this man made world. I could build my home, plant on the land, hunt and harvest the bounty it has to offer. If I needed to defend it, protect myself I could do that knowing I was defending what I loved/believed in. Then reality hits me and I am grateful for the little piece of land I call my Homestead…. We can all dream can’t we?

What do you dream about?

What do you think?

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