A ” No Thanks ” Thanksgiving and Honoring Traditions

The smell of food always filled the early morning hours of two traditional events in the house, no matter where that house was located. It became a staple of my life as a child,  it was a time of celebration and togetherness.

They were the times when we dressed up in nice clothes as we sat at the table often filled with harvested/raised meat. The side dishes were always garden grown vegetables, often frozen or canned. Deserts were often edible legends of family recipes of the greatest pie makers our family produced. Signature dessert dishes were dressed with colorful toppings and garnished with beautiful combinations of spices.

When the grand patriarch offered the family prayer, there was pure silence and gratitude of words offered to be thankful to God for the love/grace he gives us. The prayer always included love for Jesus, and for each other. Although we always celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas with a traditional meal, they were two very separate holidays.


Thanksgiving was a time to eat and be thankful for each other, to be grateful for the harvest season. It was a time to visit the extended family in the afternoon and catch up. It was a time together well spent with little work to be done other than the kitchen clean up. It is a time to be thankful for our lives together and things we have ourselves.

Christmas was a time to be thankful of the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It was a time of hope, a tradition of spirit, a time of celebration and lots of cookies. It was a time of gift giving of things we needed, not things we wanted, but things we needed. We would get a few gifts that were toys/coloring stuff, don’t get me wrong. But often, the gifts were things we needed to have. The meal was a little smaller, but had a more important dress code and the prayer was round the table prayer, everyone added something to it and together was said Amen…

Today, retailers have blended the holidays together for none other than financial gain. They have ripped the family tradition apart by offering what they say are “unbeatable” sale prices and the first come will be the ones to get just what they wanted to buy for someone else. People have cashed in the traditions of family values/traditions for the old mighty dollar and stuff.

It is just all stuff, stuff that barely matters to anyone in a few years…. Stuff can’t replace the memories of traditional togetherness. A time that rejuvenated both family bonds and friendships. Times to be thankful for food, times to be thankful for what God has given us….


What do you think?

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