A Early Homestead Morning , What It’s Like Here…

It is mid November here, and it has been a late cold season arrival. The chores needing to be done before the arrival of the first snow have been completed, and the homestead has been wintered.

The season of fall is a favorite season of mine, it has always been. Many folks await the beautiful colors of the trees and hikes through the woods. The traditions of cider making, hunting, early family gatherings are a soul feeding time to relax and shore up the bonds of friends and families.

It is a cold morning here, 21 degrees…. The last of the leaves are still hanging on and the sun is waking up to greet the day. The colors of faint greens, amber, oranges, yellows, reds and browns reflect into the largest window in the house. It was a bit nippy this morning, even wearing my winter PJ’s it is chilly.. A light layer of scattered snow lays about…

Like a personal tradition, I do little things alone because they ground me to memories that are alone, just mine. It isn’t that I don’t want to share them, it’s just that they seem to belong to just me and nobody would appreciate the finer art of homesteading… “Finer art of Homesteading ” you ask?

Today, as I sit in front of the first open fire of the season, the light smell of smoke fills the air, and the wood that I cut down, split and labored so hard to prepare is warming this space. Like an Artist and a paint brush who uses strokes and colors to paint a picture that they want you so see, the finer art of homesteading are those things carved in moments when all the work you have done comes together and warms your soul.


In a world that goes to fast for a country boy like me, I often wonder why folks want to live so fast? I decided a long time ago I really don’t need an answer to that question.. Truth to be known, I have no interest in living fast, I want to enjoy my life and the simplest of things that I can see.

I look forward to walking up to the pond this morning, I want to see if it has frozen over and how those patterns look… I will be attending a Acorn class today, then cleaning out the coops, and this evening I am joining friends for Louise’s 80th birthday party…. A woman of God, she was a quick friend to me and I love her very much. I look forward to seeing her every Sunday, we hug and share…

What do you think?

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