Winter Preparation, The Outlook, Where Are You?

A quarter cord of wood left to split, and that is it for the season… I am pleased at the amount I have done this year. I feel comfortable knowing that I have split 3 more cords this year than I normally need.With the new wood stove installed, tested and double checked again, it burns well and will last at least 10 hours on a good bank/draft setting.


There are many factors in setting the stove, any stove, correctly to last through the night and keeping it warm enough to keep the temp in the house at a sweet 62 degrees or better. Setting the draft and understanding how a fire burns was learned over time, even in this new stove I can understand the process without any thinking now. In the beginning, it puzzled me greatly. I spent a few cold nights to figure it out and now I am well seasoned and no longer a rookie. This was a good homestead investment, even though there is some cost with the wood, each cord cost me less than $15 and the labor was work that needs to be done.

All of the wood is Oak, I have a little Cherry but that is set aside to make kindling. I have a little Hickory, but much of that is sunk in the pond and will be used for smoking. Joining those green logs is an Apple tree trunk, the rest of that was not suitable for smoking food, but it will warm me up.

Rumors are plenty about a long cold winter settling in, but I believe that you may not know but it is always advisable to be ready for one. Food, water, heat and power are all things I am ready for in the long haul… I don’t think I have, in the past three years, prepared myself any more or less than the year before. But I learn more each season that passes, so I am sure I do learn things, but I am not making as many mistakes as I was before.

What have you done or getting ready to do differently this year to better yourself to be a little more self sufficient? I like to know what others are doing as well…..


What do you think?

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