No Smoke, Too Much Heat, Lucky Deer…

There is gonna be several different opinions on this subject, and let me make clear that most of them aren’t wrong. But sometimes, I have to make what I feel is a good call for the better.

The weather event this year has me scared, scared enough that I decided not to harvest a Whitetail Deer that was 10 yards in front of me. Now wait, before you start thinking I was in my hunting spot, any place on my land is a hunting spot. It is not unusual for me to kick up game or Deer that walk right around me when I am working.

With temps well up into the mid to high 70’s over the next few days, flies are buzzing and caught in the windows. Any kill left to hang will certainly go to spoil. Generally speaking most of the parasites and bugs would be nearly gone by now, but the lingering warm weather has its hold in. Even the Rabbits are still loaded with fleas, they haven’t even broken their summer cycle yet.

If I had taken that kill, I would have some issues… SO I decided to save the tag for a near future kill.

What do you think?

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