Meal Planning – 6 weeks at a time!

6 Week Meal Planner

My wife, Danielle, has recently created a 6 week meal planner, along with recipes, shopping lists and templates.  This is available as a PDF download that you can print off, and a printed version in a ring binder that you can add to with your own recipes.


This 6 week meal planner  includes:

  1. More than 30 recipes, organized by cooking time
  2. 6 weeks of planned meals
  3. shopping lists
    • shopping lists are coded so you can easily edit for recipe changes or changes in schedule
    • includes pantry list for your staple food and non-food items.
  4. Extra templates to add your own weeks of plans
  5. Suggestions (but not recipes) for side dishes and breakfasts,.

The meals use a variety of cooking methods and times. They are adaptable and include freezer recipes for future prepping. Most are from-scratch recipes, but allows for you to substitute in your own recipes or pre-prepared versions.


What do you think?

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